Jun 24

Cisco CME SRST Lab Guide

Recently I had to built a Lab to test the functionality of Cisco Unified Call Manager Express in SRST Mode and it didnt proved to be an easy job. The problem I faced was that most of information related to this topic is scattered around and there is no definite quide. So, I decided to write …

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Mar 24

Clear Established Connection before Implemeting new Restrictive Rule to Firewall

A firewall doesnt check rule set for a connection which is already established.This means that if two devices have established connection through firewall and you add Deny rule afterward it wouldnt terminate the session already in progress. To become rule effective this connection needs to be terminated or use following command with different vairst …

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Mar 24

Cisco ASA Running Config doesnt show password strings

The show running config command on Cisco ASA devices doesnt show the password in output and also hides the SNMP Community Strings. To include passwords in the output file use the following command

ASA5520#more system:running-config

Feb 03

Traceroute through Cisco ASA Firewall

To allow traceroute through firewall needs configuration depending on the source of traceroute command. Microsoft uses tracert command and  ICMP message types for traceroute (unreachable, time-exceeded, echo-reply). You will use following ACL entries to allow trace traffic to pass through the firewall. In the following example the inside interface is allow to reach hosts but outside …

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Feb 02

Cisco 3560 IOS Issue

The following IOS version has issue connecting Cisco 7940 phones on it ports. The switch ports were getting error disabled with warning message of 'loopback detected'. The initial thinking was that its being caused by some inline power misconfig but with nothing much to configure power related on switch, it was ruled out. A …

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Nov 30

Cisco Virtual Switching

Something really nice to consider in future network deployments…

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Virtual Switching Supervisor Engine 720 [Cisco Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System 1440] – Cisco Systems

Oct 28

How to Break Into a Windows PC (And Prevent it from Happening to You)

How to Break Into a Windows PC (And Prevent it from Happening to You)

A useful how to guide…

Oct 27

Cisco ASA syslog over TCP – Potential to stop forwarding traffic!

Cisco ASA syslog over TCP – Potential to stop forwarding traffic!

Your ASA will stop forwarding traffic all at once and you will have no idea that it is caused by someone switching off your syslog server. This option is has such a huge operational impact but you will hardly notice in firewall guides …

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Oct 14

A handy Network Monitor – PRTG Network Monitor

With  freeware version you can probe one device and thats all you need if you are just making to one device at a time.PRTG Network Monitor – freeware and trial download for PRTG

Oct 13

MLS QoS On Cisco Switches

MLS QoS is disabled by default on a 6500 series switch which means that any packeting entering or leaving the switch is not remarked or changed for DSCP values. To check if the QoS is enabled or not use following command

6509# sh mls qos

It will show if MLS QoS is enabled or not. …

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