Jan 27

EIGRP Delay Settings

Cisco EIGRP has the default behaviour of equal cost load balancing. It does that after calculation the metric which considers the minimum Bandwidth and total Delay along the path for a destination. Now, if there are equal paths available to a destination network and we don't want EIGRP to do equal cost load balancing we will be targeting …

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Jan 19

Cisco 6500 Ignores NTP Requests

I faced an issue with one of our 6500 series switches where 6500 acting as NTP server was not replying to some NTP client which access the switch on a certain port. The clients accessing the switch on a different port were able to sync OK. The version used on the switch is quite quite old but this …

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Dec 20

Site to Site VPN with Internet Access (Hairpinning)

The primary purpose of this Lab is to test site to site VPN and to make sure that users on remote site are able to access internet via main site.  You will see in the post that all of the configuration is similar to a normal L2L config between a router and firewall however all …

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Sep 06

Cisco StackWise – 3750 Stacking Issue

We found a really weird issue with a version of IOS on our Cisco 3750 stack. A stack of five 3750 switches was created and configured for one switch to be master of the stack and another stack member as secondary master. However, as soon as you reboot the stack, the switches come back online and …

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Aug 31

E1 Crossover Cable

E1 Crossover I made this cable for my CUCME SRST Lab (http://malikyounas.blogspot.com/2011/06/cisco-cmesrst-lab-guide.html) after looking around on web with following config. This cable is used to connect two E1 cards such that CME router will treat this link as an E1 connection from service provider.

Aug 27

IPhone IOS 5 – How to get ‘At Location’ option working for Reminders

I recently updated the IPhone software version from IOS 4 to IOS 5 Beta 6 and initially couldn’t get the location feature to work when creating new reminders. Whenever, I create a new reminder, it only give me remind option of ‘On q Day’. The other feature option ‘At a location’ was missing. So, I have done following from …

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Aug 15

CUCME SRST Licensing – IOS 15.1

On our router the CUCME SRST licensing is showing evaluation although we bought routers routers along with CUCME SRST bundle. So, asked supplier and got clarification from Cisco that its a right to use license and will remain like this after accepting EULA. All CUCME SRST feature will work as usual and there will no functionality limitation.

    IOS Version Cisco IOS …

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Aug 15

CUCME SRST Common Issues

In this post I will list the common issues faced during CUCME SRST deployment.

Source IP AddressIn the simple SRST config on a Cisco router you can use HSRP address as source IP address. However, for CUCME SRST mode you will have to provide a non virtual IP address i,e interface IP otherwise phone registration will fail.

Aug 15

SRST Sample Config

In this post I am going to explain a sample config that can be used for SRST Config. This config can be used in a scenario where we want to provide some fall back support for phones on a remote when link to Primary and Secondary Call Manager is no longer available. Now, if …

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Aug 14

CUCME SRST – Time Of Day Routing for Hunt Groups

I had to provide TOD routing for some hunt groups during my recent CUCME SRST deployment. During normal operations these hunt groups are managed by Call Manager and so are the routing decisions for these hunt group. However the same need to be reflected if link to Call Manager fails and CUCME router in SRST mode.  Now this …

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