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Mar 05

WLC Mobility Group Control Path DOWN after upgrade 7.4 to 7.6

I recently upgraded the Cisco WLC 5508 Controller Software from Version 7.4.100 to 7.6.130 and also the 'Field Recovery Image Version' image  from verion 7.0 to 7.6. However, after the upgrde the status of the Mobility Anchor Group changed from 'UP' to 'Control Path Down' state. 


Environment Parameters:

Guest Anchor WLC Model: 2504

Guest Anchor WLC Software Version: …

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Feb 13

Cisco AP AIR-CAP1552E-E-K9 would not join controller

I had an issue where the Cisco AP AIR-CAP1552E-E-K9 would not join controller. This was also my first encounter with this AP. Every thing was configure correctly and power injector was used to power this AP, by checking MAC address of the AP from switchport and checking the ARP table I manage to verify that …

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May 23

Cisco 5508 WLC Configuration LAB – WPA2, Guest Access, FlexConnect (aka H-REAP)

This posts starts with setting up a LAB to configured and test WLC. The WLC will be setup with two SSIDs on local and remote site. The SSIDs will support WPA2 and Guest access with web authentication. Also, the remote site will support FlexConnect for one SSID which means traffic will not be transported back …

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May 10

Cisco 5508 WLC Setup and Initial Configuration

This post details how to  do initial Cisco 5508 WLC setup and in the next post it goes into more detailed steps of configuring WLANs. Following are some pictures of the device and then we start with initial configuration and software upgrade




Cisco 5508 WLC …

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