Feb 13

Cisco AP AIR-CAP1552E-E-K9 would not join controller

I had an issue where the Cisco AP AIR-CAP1552E-E-K9 would not join controller. This was also my first encounter with this AP. Every thing was configure correctly and power injector was used to power this AP, by checking MAC address of the AP from switchport and checking the ARP table I manage to verify that AP is up and it has received IP address from DHCP but for some reason its still not registering on the controller. With a bit of research on Google I came to know this AP is mesh AP and we need to configure WLC to allow this AP for registration.

Following are the steps which I have taken to configure it on WLC and on the AP its self to make it work in local mode.


Environment Parameter:

WLC: 5508

WLC Software:



Initial Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Check the switchport configuration

2. Check the status of the switchport connecting to AP to make sure its up.

3. Check the MAC address table on the interface to see what MAC addresses are registered on the interface.

4. Use ‘show arp | i [mac address] ‘ to find out IP address is assigned to that AP.

5. Try to ping that IP address to see AP is responding on this address

This way you did the basic troubleshooting plus obtained the MAC address and IP address of the AP.


Steps on WLC:

1. On the WLC web interface click on Security>MAC Filtering














2. On the MAC Filtering page click on ‘New’ button and enter the details of the AP that you want to join to the controller and click apply button.


3. Now go to monitoring tab and look for the AP. You will soon see AP getting registered on the WLC.

4. Click on the AP and change the AP mode from ‘bridge’ to ‘local’. This will reboot the AP and it will back on the WLC in local mode. You can configure the rest of the parameters afterward.



References: Cisco Support Forums

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