Nov 29

Converting Prompts for UCCX 7

UCCX only accepts certain type of .wav format for any prompt files that it can use. The file format should be

8.000kHz, 8 Bit, Mono 7 kb/sec

Now there are a lot lot of posts detailing how to convert into this format but most of these result in 64kbp sample size which will work with UCCX 8 and Unity (haven't tested myself) but doesn't work with UCCX 7. I tried to upload these prompts and my version of UCCX just rejected all these.

Here are some of post which detail this process which would work for UCCX8





However, to get these working for UCCX 7, I used the following method

1. Get either Golwave or Switch Sound Convertor


2. Open the MP3 or other format file that you want to use as prompt

3. For Goldwave

Once you have opened the file thaty ou want to convert Click on File>Save As and select following



For Switch Sound Convertor

Once file is opened, selection following from the bottom of window after clicking on Encoder options and click convert


Both of the above methods will convert the files into format which you can load onto CCX and it will work.

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  1. Joe

    It looks like your issue was that your prompts in UCCx 7 were g729 and not 711. That issue affects all versions of UCCx as prompts either need to all be g711 or all be g729. You can’t mix and match prompt formats. If your UCCx 7 system was setup for g711, the original prompts would have worked fine and you wouldn’t have needed to convert them.

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