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Outlook.com – Don’t change your primary email address and how to revert back if you already did

A lot of excitement surrounding the launch of outlook.com replacing hotmail however if you are too excited you might have used the option of changing you primary email address from yourname@hotmail.com to yourname@outlook.com. Nothing wrong with it but you will find that

i. when you try to login to hotmail.com or outlool.com, it will only accept your new login credentials which are now yourname@outlook.com.

ii. you will have to reconfigure email clients on your phone, tablet, desktop etc.

iii. when you send email from these email clients even after you updated all of these with your outlook.com credentials, the recipients of your emails will get your address as yourname@outlook.com which will be new to them. Also, it might not be in their contact lists thus going straight to junk.

So, above are some of the reason you dont want to change your primary email. However, you should and can add alias for outlook.com to reserve it by going to


Now what if you already changed your primary email to outlook.com, here is what you will do to get it back(it works for hotmail.com/.co.uk/live.com addresses but doesnt give you option of @msn.com etc). I have to add note here that its scary as hell and do it at your own risk.

i. If you have an old hotmail.com account and you are in uk or other country, at the page of id change it will give you only options for that country so if you are in uk it will give you option to revert back to yourname@hotmail.co.uk and not hotmail.com, so to get that go to edit personal setting of your account and change the country to US. Verify if you get your hotmail.com/live.com option by going to http://mail.live.com/?rru=renameaccount If its there close the page.

ii. Now If you changed your primary email address to outlook.com, your old email will be now an alias and any email sent to it will still be delivered to your inbox, so first you will have to remove that alias by going to


iii. Then, you will go to following to change your email address back to yourname@hotmail.com


iv. Once, you are back to your old hotmail account, your outlook.com alias will be now added to your account and any emails to that email address will still be delivered to your email inbox or any other folder you choose. This means you have also reserved your email address at outlook.com for yourself.

However, If you still have the old hotmail account and just want to get back to old style hotmail interface, do the following

1. On the outlook main page on the top right hand you will see following, if click on settings icon and select ‘switch back to hotmail’ you will be back to old hotmail interface





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  1. pat

    i accidentally upgraded my account by going to outlook.com and then i went to the gear icon in the top right of the page and told it to revert to hotmail and now my hotmail account is all screwy. i cant veiw my inbox or any other folder at all, on a computer or my tablet. what is wrong??? i tryed to go to the site posted here and it pretty much told me that there was nothing i can do. please help!!!!!!!!

  2. Arun

    There is one main outlook id (arun.s*****@outlook.com) on Outlook.com site through i login in mail account and one alias email id (Ku****.arun@outlook.com).
    Now i want to switch my alias into main account. that is possible??? If yes than how can i ??

  3. susan Zhang

    Thank you very much!!!!

  4. Lisa

    Thank you sooooooooo much :o)

  5. Nessie

    Thank you soooo very much!

  6. Julio

    A bazillion thanks!! I regreted going from @hotmail.com to @outlook.com (it messed up many other things I subscribed not to mention my actual "outlook")  I followed your steps and they worked PERFECTLY!!

  7. Chris

    How do I get rid of Outlook. Still have my yourname @ hotmail.com but have the outlook page. Want hotmail back…Please

    1. xerunetworks

      If you still have the old hotmail account and just want to get back to old style hotmail interface, do the following

      1. On the outlook main page on the top right hand you will see following, if click on settings icon and select ‘switch back to hotmail’ you will be back to old hotmail interface

      1. elisabetta

        my hotmail account suddenly changed to outlook today (i hate it), without warning, while i was looking at my emails. now when i click on my emails i can’t read them as they come up blank. i can’t print them as it does not give me that option either. i would love to revert back to hotmail, but i do not seem to have that option to switch back to hotmail. what can i do?

        my other hotmail account still comes up as hotmail.

  8. Chris

    Do not like this new outlook.. How do I get back hotmail. Still have my old email account. Did not change anything just when I go to sign in to hotmail, Outlook comes up…HELP ANYONE!!!

  9. lucy

    Some how my hot mail been swiched to outlook hotmail.
    I HAAAAAte this outlook hotmail, SOOOOO uncomfortable, CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How I can get back to just my old NIIIIICe regular hotmail?????
    Pleeease, somebody help me!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

    1. blueayre

      I hate this change too how do I get back my hotmail?????????????

  10. Mohamed Mire Shire

    I have change my email account Hotmail to Outlook, I want  back to my  Hotmail Account
    Thank you for your kindly
    Best regards

    1. lucy

      Mohamed, did you been able to get back to your old hotmail? Tell me how you did it, please.

      1. xerunetworks

        Did you try following the guide, it should get you bavk your hotmail

        1. lucy

          whatb guide?

          1. xerunetworks

            The one you commented on

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