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Outlook.com – Don’t change your primary email address and how to revert back if you already did

A lot of excitement surrounding the launch of outlook.com replacing hotmail however if you are too excited you might have used the option of changing you primary email address from yourname@hotmail.com to yourname@outlook.com. Nothing wrong with it but you will find that

i. when you try to login to hotmail.com or outlool.com, it will only accept your new login credentials which are now yourname@outlook.com.

ii. you will have to reconfigure email clients on your phone, tablet, desktop etc.

iii. when you send email from these email clients even after you updated all of these with your outlook.com credentials, the recipients of your emails will get your address as yourname@outlook.com which will be new to them. Also, it might not be in their contact lists thus going straight to junk.

So, above are some of the reason you dont want to change your primary email. However, you should and can add alias for outlook.com to reserve it by going to


Now what if you already changed your primary email to outlook.com, here is what you will do to get it back(it works for hotmail.com/.co.uk/live.com addresses but doesnt give you option of @msn.com etc). I have to add note here that its scary as hell and do it at your own risk.

i. If you have an old hotmail.com account and you are in uk or other country, at the page of id change it will give you only options for that country so if you are in uk it will give you option to revert back to yourname@hotmail.co.uk and not hotmail.com, so to get that go to edit personal setting of your account and change the country to US. Verify if you get your hotmail.com/live.com option by going to http://mail.live.com/?rru=renameaccount If its there close the page.

ii. Now If you changed your primary email address to outlook.com, your old email will be now an alias and any email sent to it will still be delivered to your inbox, so first you will have to remove that alias by going to


iii. Then, you will go to following to change your email address back to yourname@hotmail.com


iv. Once, you are back to your old hotmail account, your outlook.com alias will be now added to your account and any emails to that email address will still be delivered to your email inbox or any other folder you choose. This means you have also reserved your email address at outlook.com for yourself.

However, If you still have the old hotmail account and just want to get back to old style hotmail interface, do the following

1. On the outlook main page on the top right hand you will see following, if click on settings icon and select ‘switch back to hotmail’ you will be back to old hotmail interface





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  1. Ana Gabriella

    Malikyounas…. You are a STAR!!! THANKYOU THANKYOU SO MUCH…
    Managed to get my hotmail.com account as main one and outllok.com is now my alias….. so hated the outlook one.
    I use hotmail as my main friends and family and outlook.com is soooo formal…..
    Love HOTMAIL!!!
    Thanks Again
    Ana Gabriella

  2. nabil

    i cannot log in to both my mails. regret converting to outlook.com. i tried following all steps above, but now i cant access to both email address. does it take a while?

    1. xerunetworks

      no it doesnt take any time and changes take immediate affect. Not sure what went wrong for you but if you followed all steps it shouldnt have caused any issue.

    2. Rakesh

      Follow the complete steps.. it works.. you probably might not have removed the alias..
      malikyounas.. thanks for your help.. I knw there must be a way to change my email address back. you showed it to me..
      thank you so much.. you made my day

  3. Keenan

    So, here is where I messed up. I didn't change my alias to myemail@outlook.com, I changed mine to adifferentemail@hotmail.com. My old email address still shows up when I go to change my alias, but I have to use my alias when I sign in to hotmail. When I go to the last link on your help (http://mail.live.com/?rru=renameaccount), it says that my old id is not available. So, my old ID is my preferred AND my other email address for my microsoft account, but I still have to sign in with my new ID. I hope you got that because I am really, really confused and hoping you can help.

  4. qprod

    Malik can you help me my friend? I wanted to created an extra alias address for my primary address. But now I have discovered that I accidently changed my primary emailaddress. Is there a way to change it back? When I wanted to change it back to my old address, it says "the emailadress is not available".  Please help me!! thanks

    1. xerunetworks

      Did you try following the guide as it resolve the same issue what you are facing. You have to remove your old alias before you can get your primary email add back.

      1. qprod

        Thanks!!!! It worked. I misread something the first time. About the alias part. Thanks for the fast reply. Thanks for everything. 😀 You are the chosen one

  5. jenny

    Thank you so much!! So scary deleting my alias as it had 10 years worth of email history but it worked! I supidly renamed my account to Outlook and now have returned to my previous name after 2 months of trying to work out how 🙂 So happy

  6. Dave

    Malik thank you so much worked well for me……back to where I was 🙂

  7. rjetyk

    It's worked perfectly, I've get my hotmail address back. Thanks a lot.

  8. Interested

    I have managed to change my name@hotmail.com to name@yahoo.com and now cannot seem to find any ways to change it back to the hotmail account. When I try to register for the new Hotmail account it sates that this is the verification account. When I try to reset the password it tells me that the username doesn't exist. I have tried to reset the password for both name@hotmail.com and name@yahoo.com but nothing seems to work. The login.live.com does not accept either of the emails however and the emails to name@hotmail.com are undeliverable. I have tried several things state earlier in the post but all of the links keep bringing me to the log in pages. I have tried IE and Mozilla, and even a different computer. Is there a way to have my old name@hotmail.com back? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Azaad

    malik!!! help me my friend. I just messed up my account. see, I wanted to change the billing address on the xbox live and finally ended up changing the alias mail id. I had no way of loggin in with the primary id at all, but the alias id worked perfectly. but now both don't work at all.. what can i do? please reply me to info@autodomain.lk. thanks..

    1. xerunetworks

      Email on your way

  10. Sulltan

    Many thanks Malik, it worked with me :")

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