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Outlook.com – Don’t change your primary email address and how to revert back if you already did

A lot of excitement surrounding the launch of outlook.com replacing hotmail however if you are too excited you might have used the option of changing you primary email address from yourname@hotmail.com to yourname@outlook.com. Nothing wrong with it but you will find that

i. when you try to login to hotmail.com or outlool.com, it will only accept your new login credentials which are now yourname@outlook.com.

ii. you will have to reconfigure email clients on your phone, tablet, desktop etc.

iii. when you send email from these email clients even after you updated all of these with your outlook.com credentials, the recipients of your emails will get your address as yourname@outlook.com which will be new to them. Also, it might not be in their contact lists thus going straight to junk.

So, above are some of the reason you dont want to change your primary email. However, you should and can add alias for outlook.com to reserve it by going to


Now what if you already changed your primary email to outlook.com, here is what you will do to get it back(it works for hotmail.com/.co.uk/live.com addresses but doesnt give you option of @msn.com etc). I have to add note here that its scary as hell and do it at your own risk.

i. If you have an old hotmail.com account and you are in uk or other country, at the page of id change it will give you only options for that country so if you are in uk it will give you option to revert back to yourname@hotmail.co.uk and not hotmail.com, so to get that go to edit personal setting of your account and change the country to US. Verify if you get your hotmail.com/live.com option by going to http://mail.live.com/?rru=renameaccount If its there close the page.

ii. Now If you changed your primary email address to outlook.com, your old email will be now an alias and any email sent to it will still be delivered to your inbox, so first you will have to remove that alias by going to


iii. Then, you will go to following to change your email address back to yourname@hotmail.com


iv. Once, you are back to your old hotmail account, your outlook.com alias will be now added to your account and any emails to that email address will still be delivered to your email inbox or any other folder you choose. This means you have also reserved your email address at outlook.com for yourself.

However, If you still have the old hotmail account and just want to get back to old style hotmail interface, do the following

1. On the outlook main page on the top right hand you will see following, if click on settings icon and select ‘switch back to hotmail’ you will be back to old hotmail interface





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  1. margaux

    Is this really the only way to get this done?

    Im just to freaking scared to remove myname@hotmail.com from my aliases. It says that all mails in the inbox will be deleted (10 years of valuable history…:( ).
    Just don't dare to run the risk…is there not a more convenient way to change back from myname@outlook.com to myname@hotmail.com?


    1. xerunetworks

      I wish there was any or atleast MS would have offered some solution. The best possible advise I can give is to backup all email in google account by linking both. Otherwise live with it for the time being and wait for MS to come back with something.

  2. Filipi

    Thanks a million for the tip! I worked like a charm to me. It reverted back to my old hotmail.com

  3. Joseph

    Thank you for posting this, it worked for me! Followed it exactly as outlined and was able to get my @live.com account back. However, it won't let me revert back to the hotmail layout. When I click on "switch back to hotmail" nothing happens. I am not too worried about that, I can live with the outlook layout. 
    I do have a follow up question though and would really appreciate if someone could answer it. After doing this procedure it put my @outlook and @live.com emails into folders. How can I change the settings so that new emails to my @live.com account go in the Inbox instead of the folder that automatically got created? Thank You

  4. AK

    My hotmail and new outlook accounts are linked, but the hotmail is not listed as an alias – nor can I add it as one.
    I am now unable to access my hotmail account completely. I get re-routed to a blu002 server and a blank page.

    1. xerunetworks

      try clearing browser cache+cookies

      1. AK

        Did. And have tried on multiple computers. It's definately a Windows ID problem.

        1. xerunetworks

          not sure what else as it should not allow you to login or something else but not to a dead page

  5. Gianluca1

    Right, I agree with everyone that MS didnt warn users about the reverting back stage. Can you claer up this please – If a user upgrades their ID and email to @outlook.com will MS delete their old email account? 
    Because i upgraded from hotmail.co.uk to outloook.com. I know in outlook.com you are able to send mail from my hotmail address and receive email that was sent to it  but will MS eventually delete our old emails?

    1. xerunetworks

      Cant say anything about their policy but i have other alias on account and mail stays there

  6. Jamilton

    Lost my MSN.com mailbox

    I have a very important email with @msn.com. Today I've registered a outlook.com account ID associated to my msn.com mail.
    I've accidentally removed the msn.com email from my new outlook.com, now I cannot send or receive anything from my msn.com address, when I tried to send mail to my msn.com address from other email acounts, it would get delivery failure notice, it seems that my msn.com email address doesnt exist anymore!!!
    When I tried to reset my msn.com password, it says "The Microsoft account is incorrect. Please try again".
    I tried to add msn.com email to outlook, however it says msn.com emails were not supported?!!


    1. xerunetworks

      Well when you removed the msn address its gone unless you can convince microsoft to reverse it for you

    2. xerunetworks

      Give this link a rry to see if it works for you

    3. Leo

      Unfortunately I have exactlly the same problem, I lost my @msn.com address, and all mail sent to that address will get delivery faliure notice.
      BTW, the link (https://accountservices.passport.net/reg.srf?ns=MSN.COM&sl=1&lc=1033) is for registering new msn address, you can't reregister your old msn.com address 🙁

    4. Aby SP

      i had made very big mistake on renaming my @msn email ID, which was used from last 10 years.
      rasied support requiest with Microsoft and waiting for their reply.
      there is no option to rename back to @msn.com / only we can rename to @hotmail and @live

  7. NIco

    I'm getting a message that my account is already renamed, try again later.
    any idea how long I need to wait to change my live ID again?
    thx for the help!

    1. xerunetworks

      If you change back to orignal it should be immediate but if you want to change it to something else it will take 6 months. Example: you had youname@hotmail.com and you renamed it to @outloik.com now you can change it straight back to @hotmail.com immediatly but if you want it to yournewname@hotmail.com, you will have to wait

      1. NIco

        it worked, got my old ID back, thx!

        1. xerunetworks

          I still dont believe how microsoft can make such a big mistake and try to ruin so many email accounts which people are using for years and years…..glad it worked for you

  8. simon mottram

    Nice one, this was giving me the fears.  Thanks very much for that post.  Got my hotmail.com address back *cheering*

  9. Frank

    that only works for @hotmail.com  @ live.cn @live.com, mine is @msn.com, what am i supposed to do to get my @msn.com back ???? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. xerunetworks

      Keep your msn.com alias just for now and ask outlook.com team on their blog as this option is missing unless some genius bring it back somehow

    2. xerunetworks

      Give it a try , let us know if it works

      1. AbiatarNeto

        My account is also @msn and the link says the account is already taken. That means I cannot create a new @msn account with my old address. Microsoft… Shame on you. I hope to get my old address back, since I deleted the alias trying the other method and now I don't receive any new message on my old address. Let us know if you discover anything!

  10. Gavin

    Does this really work?
    I thought you had to wait 30 days after removing an alias for it to become available again?
    I don't really want to delete my alias only to have to wait 30 days with the possibility of losing it because somebody gets it before me

    1. xerunetworks

      Well thats what I did to get my hotmail.com back. I had to delete the alias first only then it allowed me to change back to it. It was quick, as soon as I deleted alias it became immediatly available for change but you might have to refresh/reopen the link such that it takes into account that alaias is no longer there. However it gives you options for hotmail.com/.co.uk or other country specific but doesnt show @msn.com etc

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