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Outlook.com – Don’t change your primary email address and how to revert back if you already did

A lot of excitement surrounding the launch of outlook.com replacing hotmail however if you are too excited you might have used the option of changing you primary email address from yourname@hotmail.com to yourname@outlook.com. Nothing wrong with it but you will find that

i. when you try to login to hotmail.com or outlool.com, it will only accept your new login credentials which are now yourname@outlook.com.

ii. you will have to reconfigure email clients on your phone, tablet, desktop etc.

iii. when you send email from these email clients even after you updated all of these with your outlook.com credentials, the recipients of your emails will get your address as yourname@outlook.com which will be new to them. Also, it might not be in their contact lists thus going straight to junk.

So, above are some of the reason you dont want to change your primary email. However, you should and can add alias for outlook.com to reserve it by going to


Now what if you already changed your primary email to outlook.com, here is what you will do to get it back(it works for hotmail.com/.co.uk/live.com addresses but doesnt give you option of @msn.com etc). I have to add note here that its scary as hell and do it at your own risk.

i. If you have an old hotmail.com account and you are in uk or other country, at the page of id change it will give you only options for that country so if you are in uk it will give you option to revert back to yourname@hotmail.co.uk and not hotmail.com, so to get that go to edit personal setting of your account and change the country to US. Verify if you get your hotmail.com/live.com option by going to http://mail.live.com/?rru=renameaccount If its there close the page.

ii. Now If you changed your primary email address to outlook.com, your old email will be now an alias and any email sent to it will still be delivered to your inbox, so first you will have to remove that alias by going to


iii. Then, you will go to following to change your email address back to yourname@hotmail.com


iv. Once, you are back to your old hotmail account, your outlook.com alias will be now added to your account and any emails to that email address will still be delivered to your email inbox or any other folder you choose. This means you have also reserved your email address at outlook.com for yourself.

However, If you still have the old hotmail account and just want to get back to old style hotmail interface, do the following

1. On the outlook main page on the top right hand you will see following, if click on settings icon and select ‘switch back to hotmail’ you will be back to old hotmail interface





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  1. Joan Neumeier

    Will the switch-back to hotmail work in Canada ? If it doesn’t yet ,you had better give us the option. I do not like the “we are changing this– whether you like it or not” way things seem to be done.

  2. Comet

    outlook is horrible, too many immigrants working on it giving it a third world feel.

  3. J L

    Will this work if you don’t live in the US or UK? I live in Canada, can you please help me and tell me if this will still work?!

  4. dardanell

    Its true – it sucks!

    And I agree – its not “eye” friendly and it does seem to hurt my eyes also when I try to use it for extended periods, as I did with my hotmail for personal use.

    Not to mention – its just too “utilitarian” for regular “personal” email useage. And that is NOT what Outlook was intended for.

    I want Outlook to be my ***workplace*** mailbox.

    It USED to keep it easy and separated from my regular ***personal*** email.

    I need my personal and professional “on computer” email to be separate.

    I can’t take it. I’m out. But I guess thats what they want – ppl off their system. No better way to do it than to piss ppl off so they leave in droves!


    WHO came up with this NEW COKE IDEA!!?? lolol…

  5. neveragain@live.com

    Never again, I will make myself as if I never had an account and I will use gmail or yahoo.. I lost all my emails and contact list since it changed to oulook.. who the f**** came out with this idea if they are not ready yet and they are upgrading this stupid outlook shit…

    1. Tamera Sheets

      Apple computers don’t use Microsoft and will be my next purchase as I lost important info when Microsoft deleted Hotmail and opened new outlook account without notice or permision. Have to wait a week to see if I can recover as I can’t change alias until then, if not I will close Microsoft account all together.

  6. Lou

    There was a message yesterday; this is MSN’s new e-mail (outlook)
    It loaded, and I have not been able to open my hotmail account sense!
    I have tried several things advised on fixit, or blog sites. Still the only thing I get is
    (We can’t connect to Outlook right now. Please try again later) every time all day!
    Typical windows push out new software, for reason I don’t know, and try and fix it after the fact.
    They have a try it test to say that Bing is by fare the best, but the track record MSN is running with, that’s debatable!
    If I can salvage my contacts, I guess the only thing to do, is to move to g-mail!

  7. Marie Bock

    I get a “The email address associated with your Microsoft account can’t be changed” What can I do??

  8. guidry62@outlook.com

    Says I cannit switch back,,,Now I will move to yahoo,com or anything else.

    1. violentjay

      I agree. It looks really bad and hurts my eyes

  9. edwin reader

    Thank you so much ,I am a silver server with no idea but i followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. You and people like you deserve to sleep soundly in your beds every night. Thanks once again .
    Hope I dont have to revisit this site again in tears !lol.

  10. ynotg

    Hello all,

    I have made the move to Outlook.com, and since i did, I cannot send/forward email from my computer. When i compose something and hit send, a small circle of dots cycles as if it is doing something, but the message is never sent. Can someone please let me know what may be wrong? and how i can go about fixing it? I cant seem to find an answer as to why this is happening.

    Thank you.

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