Jun 24

Best Email App for Android ICS

Well, since I moved form IPhone to Galaxy S3 , I was in constant pursuit to get an email app which shows html emails and can work with Hotmail exchange active sync. The benefit of active sync is that it syncs you calendar, contacts and email at the same time. The problem with native email client on Android ICS is that doesn't show you html emails and emails are formatted like hell. So, I went to Google app store and tried almost all known good apps to get one which fits the purpose, some of the apps I tried are detailed below along with my the one I liked the most


1. K9 – Great free app but doesn't support Exchange 10 which is used by Hotmail so Hotmail wouldn't work with it.

2. Hotmail (by Microsoft+Seven) – Works but very basic app, sync your contacts though along with emails.(Free)

3. MailDroid – ActiveSync not supported

4. Enhanced Email  – . It works well withe hotmail emails and for syncing contacts and give you lot more option as compared to what you get with Microsoft;s app. So this is my second choice after Touchdown for Smartphones.

5. Touchdown for Smartphones – Very very powerful app and works great with ICS. Previous versions had issues which are fixed now (update) and it can sync all your hotmail emails, contacts, tasks and notes using ActiveSync.  So with all these supported, makes it my email app of the choice.


  1. Mac

    Tried Remosync application.. it wroks pretty good

  2. Jorge

    I tried Touchdown and it's a battery hog… It looks promising. Maybe when they fix this.

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