Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 24

Best Email App for Android ICS

Well, since I moved form IPhone to Galaxy S3 , I was in constant pursuit to get an email app which shows html emails and can work with Hotmail exchange active sync. The benefit of active sync is that it syncs you calendar, contacts and email at the same time. The problem with native email …

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Jun 04

ASA 8.4 Upgrade Path – 8.2 to ASA 8.4 with Zero Downtime

This post details the process that I followed for ASA 8.4 Upgrade  Path – 8.2(0) to ASA 8.4(4) with Zero Downtime. The units are in Active-Failover configuration. The process was done in stages, first was to upgrade the memory module second was to upgrade the software on the device. This process worked for me and …

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