May 22

Fedora ARM Image Installer–SD Card Selection

I was trying to follow this guide (http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/805) to put Fedora ARM image to my SD card which needs to be at least of 2GB capacity. However in image installer window I was not getting the exact option to selection SD as destination device for image. I was getting harddisk1 (8G) instead of anything else, which was a bit confusing but anyway this is the way it will show up in installer and depending on your SD card capacity it will show as 2G for 2GB or 8G for card with 8GB capacity.

1. Use the guide http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/805 to get software image and installer file. Unzip to your C drive

2. Go to  C:\fedora-arm-installer-1.0.0\windows-latest

3.Right Click fedora-arm-installer.exe file and select ‘Run as Administrator’

4. Image installer window will show up as following


5. Click the Refresh Icon next to download and also the one next to Device. (Also, make sure your SD card is in the reader on your PC)

6. Select the options as below, now you will see that your SD will show as Harddish1(XG). To make sure 100% that its your SD Card and not your PC Harddrive, you can take the SD card out of reader and press the refresh button again. This option of Harddisk1(XG) will disappear. Once, you are sure its your SD selected press the install button and continue. The installer should format the card and put the image on it.


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  1. wim

    using a newre FAII but still same issue

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