Aug 27

IPhone IOS 5 – How to get ‘At Location’ option working for Reminders

I recently updated the IPhone software version from IOS 4 to IOS 5 Beta 6 and initially couldn’t get the location feature to work when creating new reminders. Whenever, I create a new reminder, it only give me remind option of ‘On q Day’. The other feature option ‘At a location’ was missing. So, I have done following from Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars

In the above screen shot you can see the Reminder for account Hotmail is ON, which means reminders will be synced with Hotmail account. I need to turn this off as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, once Reminders is turned off in Hotmail, you need to go back to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click on iCloud which will bring you following screen where you will set the Reminders to ON.
Now, if you open the Reminders and try to create a new reminder, you will have the choice to use enter ‘At a Location’ option along with ‘On a Day’ option.


  1. Muhammad Younas

    can you still not turn it on in iCloud?
    Settings>iClound and turn it on from here.

  2. daslicious

    I have a gmail account and there is not a reminders option to turn on.

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