Aug 14

CUCME SRST – Time Of Day Routing for Hunt Groups

I had to provide TOD routing for some hunt groups during my recent CUCME SRST deployment. During normal operations these hunt groups are managed by Call Manager and so are the routing decisions for these hunt group. However the same need to be reflected if link to Call Manager fails and CUCME router in SRST mode.  Now this can be done easily for single directory number (DN) using Night Service option but to do the same for hunt group is  not an option as there is no Night Service config for a hunt group. Lets first have a look how to configure a DN to divert calls to an alternative number very day after 5PM till 8 in the morning.

max-ephones 25
max-dn 25
ip source-address port 2000
max-conferences 8 gain -6
transfer-system full-consult
night-service day Sun 17:00 07:59

night-service day Mon 17:00 07:59
night-service day Tue 17:00 07:59
night-service day Wed 17:00 07:59
night-service day Thu 17:00 07:59
night-service day Fri 17:00 07:59
night-service day Sat 17:00 07:59
ephone-dn 1
number 1234
call-forward night-service 2222
hold-alert 30 orignator
night-service bell
Now any calls to directory number 1234 will be forwarded to directory number 2222.
ephone-dn 2
number 2222
Ok, that was easy. Now let have a look on requirement to do the same for a huntr group. we have a hunt group 1000 with following directory numbers as members
All calls during the day should be handled by this hunt group and all out of hours calls should be handled by another hunt group 2000 which has following members
As we know there is no night service option for hunt group, what we will do is that we will forward all incoming calls to directory number and we will configure that directory number to forward all calls during the day to hunt group 4000 and all out of hours call should be forwarded to hunt group 2000.
ephone-dn 3
number 1111
call-forward all 4000
call-forward night-service 2000
hold-alert 30 orignator
night-service bell
This directory number is used as landing point for incoming calls from where calls are forwarded to different hunt group depending upon time of the day.
ephone-dn 4
number 4001
no huntstop
ephone-dn 5
number 4002
no huntstop
ephone-dn 5
number 2001
no huntstop
ephone-dn 6
number 2001
no huntstop
ephone-hunt 1 longest-idle
pilot 4000
list 4001, 4002
final 4003
timeout 15,15 
ephone-hunt 2 longest-idle
pilot 2000
list 2001, 2002
final 2003
timeout 15,15 
The final destination in hunt group 1 is configured as 4003 but it can be another hunt group as well if required. For complete CUCME SRST config check my previous blog http://malikyounas.blogspot.com/2011/06/cisco-cmesrst-lab-guide.html


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