May 18

Recurring Command Execution Using Telent on Cisco Switch/Router

I always wanted some software which can be used to execute a recurrent command on a remote device after a given interval. Now, luckly found one which can be used to execute a recurrent command using a telent session.  The output will be logged to a file. Also we need to use following commands on telnet session such that get all message on telnet session

#terminal length 0
This command will make telnet session to show all output at once rather then waiting for a key press to show next page

#term mon
This will cause the switch to show any consolve message on the telnet session.

The Software name is Tera Term and can be downloaded from


In the software window click the setup menu and use 'Recurring Command' option. It will already have a '\n' parameter which is only for use by Tera Term to execute command after certain period of time


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  1. waisty

    even better I have found you can append more commands i.e. a timestamp as I have done:
    sho clock \n sho controller utilization \n
    I’m sure you can add more if required.Thanks again

    1. xerunetworks

      brill,makes it even more useful

  2. waisty

    Cool, I removed the \n not appreciating that it is the carriage return. Looked everywhere for the shortcuts and found nothing on this character. Thanks Malik, it works perfectly 🙂

  3. waisty

    Have tried using the recurring command for a cisco switch but it only puts the command onto the command line, it does not add a carriage return to execute the command. whats the full syntax or is there a tickbox i am missing?

    1. xerunetworks

      it should look like

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